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Check out this clip of Buzz Aldrin Punch (not-edited).

Buzz Aldrin pops this conspiracy theorist right in the jaw (by the way Buzz is in his eighty's). Damn conspiracy theorists.

Bart Sibrel, is a wannabe film maker, with a reputation for stalking astronauts.

As a publicity stunt for himself, Sibrel set Aldrin up for an ambush attack of defamatory comments captured by Sibrel's cameraman. He called Aldrin "a coward and a liar and a thief." I guess he thought the elder Aldrin would just give him some good, angry verbiage that Sibrel could edit later.

Instead, Aldrin threw a punch that rocked Sibrel. Sibrel later tried to file charges against Aldrin, but basically got laughed at. Here's the short version of what happened.

Buzz Aldrin Punch (not-edited)
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